Add a splash of something – It could make all the difference!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

If you are thinking of selling or letting your property, but feel that your home lacks a bit of

‘something’ to draw prospective buyers or tenants in then Mandi Gollicker Director of Avery Estate Agents has just a few simple tips to lend a hand:

  1. Flooring: If your carpet or flooring is looking a bit tired and you can’t go to the expensive of replacing it, then firstly give it a good clean, and if that’s not enough try laying a rug with a bit of colour down to lift it a little and take the eye off the overall floor.

  2. Storage: If you have lots of bits and pieces, but no specific place for storage, then an investment into a reasonably priced storage unit really helps. Just tidying items away and create a feeling of space is not only practical but no drilling, screwing to do either.

  3. Loose furnishings: Spruce furniture up and introduce a bit of colour to bring sofas and chairs to life. The odd cushion or throw works wonders!

  4. Plants: Years ago, homes would commonly house plants, but it doesn’t seem so much now. Plants are a wonderful addition to a house and both practical for personal well-being and brings colour and life into a home, at an affordable price. My advice would be to stick to evergreen and easy to grow ones though!

  5. Paintings or Pictures: If you have a good area of wall that looks a bit bland hang a colourful picture or painting, it will add instant interest to the wall.

  6. Mirrors: Consider handing or placing a Mirror in a dark area that needs opening it – the difference a mirror will make is incredible!

  7. Lighting: Traditional overhead lighting can be very stark. Try placing a few standard or table lamps around a room to spread the light around, it is far more appealing and creates a more relaxing feel to any room or space.

  8. Flowers: Placing fresh flowers into a room may not always be a practical option, but fresh flowers really do make a difference to create a welcoming feel. They don’t need to be an expensive bunch; a vase of daffodils add such a happy welcome and for around £1 a bunch is perhaps an affordable option. If fresh aren’t practical for you, then consider some ‘lifelike’ buds with plenty of greenery added, and make it a large bunch to make a statement!

  9. Set for Dining: If you have a dining table, in need of a bit of TLC then consider placing a bring table runner or cloth over the top – the table is immediately dressed and ready for business!

  10. Bedding: A bed is the first item that draws the eye on entering a room. Bedding needs to be fresh and by adding a few more plump Pillows and a few colourful cushions will lift the main focal point i.e. the bed immediately.

  11. Windows: Replacing curtains or blinds can be expensive, and is not always necessary. A few practical improvements are to consider tie backs, to draw the light into the room, variate blinds to use them efficiently, but most importantly make sure the windows and sills are clean and so is the glass.

  12. Fresh: And last but not least- How does your home smell? With so many fragranced products on the market now, the choice is endless and adds that spurt of freshness to your home.

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