When's the best time of year to sell your property?

Updated: Feb 24

The quick answer - March. Springtime. The end of the long winter and the days where the sun begins to shine!

Although the number of buyers in the property market seems to have kept increasing, the number of available properties on the market hasn't seen quite as much growth. However, after a very busy start to the year full of valuations, it seems that the market will follow Mother Nature and everything will start to come out in the Spring!

This is something our more regular home movers are likely aware of, but what is it about Spring that gets people in the mood to move?

For starters, most of us like to be at home sitting nice and warm during the winter months and generally a little less motivated to take on the pressures that come with moving. Contrastingly, when Spring hits we can see the summer months approaching and acquire a flurry of motivation to be settled in our new homes where we can enjoy the best parts of the year!

With buyer demand still creeping up and many of our properties selling within a few days at or above asking price, we don't think there's any sign that these buyer numbers will drop any time soon. Certainly a great time to sell if you have a property you're looking to bring to the market!

But what if you're buying? How do you get into a position where you'll be in with the best opportunity of securing your next home? Well.. we spoke briefly on this last year in reference to the "Power Buyer" status.

If we can get your property ready for marketing and launch nice and early, you will be the most likely to secure a buyer earlier. This means that when you're looking for your onward purchase, you'll be proceedable and agents will consider you to be a 'hot' or 'power' buyer and put you at the forefront of their mind, creating plenty of opportunity for you to find. You may even get first sight on new listings. Certainly a position you should want to be in. After all, we know how tough it is to see the perfect property sell to someone else because you're not in a proceedable position.

So, how do we get things moving?

Quickest and easiest way is to give me or Daren a call to discuss how we can help you 01934 61489

If you want some instant information, get a Free Online Valuation in less than 60 seconds here: valuation.averyea.co.uk

Otherwise, please feel free to email me with any enquiry you might have, I'll respond nice and quick! Email: george@averyea.co.uk

All the best and happy house hunting!