Why get your home ready to sell before Christmas?

Last week I wrote about HOW to get your property ready in time for the New Year... This week the question is; WHY?

1 ) Boxing Day will mark the start of the 2022 BOOM.

According to Rightmove, every year there are more people browsing properties on their portal during the post-Christmas Day festive period, with 54% more visits in 2021 than 2020, and 51 million visits between Boxing Day and the first working day of the new year.. These are big numbers.

Why does this happen? Well.. not many people seem to want the pressure of a move over the Christmas period, and a lot of people are busy with family and friends so don't want the interruption of viewings and visits. So generally, the new year picks up the slight drop off through November and December where people have held off.

2) Agents are a bit more available right now..

Although we're all very busy with helping the progression of our Sold properties, valuers and listers have a bit more time on their hands right now. This means that they should have plenty of time to really nail your property listing, and present it in the best way to get the best price for you.

(Although here at Avery, I personally look after the marketing of every property, so you can be sure I'll always take the time to get things looking great!!)

3) Prep Now, Sell Later

There's no rush to start marketing and booking viewings until you're ready. However, if your agent is going to do things the right way to be fully prepared to market your property, it will take them some time to ensure THEY'RE ready. Sometimes photos aren't the only thing to consider, there's title deeds, property questionnaires, lease details, local developments and plenty more that can be determined to ensure that we are as informed as possible when speaking to potential buyers, and this way we can make sure we get you the best price.

As a lister, I could put a property on the market within the same day as taking photos, no problem. But I'd much prefer some notice so that I can ensure I'm providing the best service, and deliver accurate and informative details to both our sellers and our buyers.

4) The 'POWER BUYER' status

If we can crack on, get your property ready for marketing and launch nice and early, you will be the most likely to secure a buyer earlier. This means that when you're looking for your onward purchase, you'll be proceedable and agents will consider you to be a 'hot' or 'power' buyer and put you at the forefront of your mind, creating plenty of opportunity for you to find. You may even get first sight on new listings. Certainly a position you should want to be in. It's so unfortunate to see the perfect property sell to someone else because you're not in a proceedable position.

So, how do we get things moving?

Quickest way; give me or Daren a call to discuss how we can help you 01934 61489

If you want some instant information, get a

Free Online Valuation in less than 60 seconds here: valuation.averyea.co.uk

Otherwise, please email me; george@averyea.co.uk with any enquiry you might have, I'll respond nice and quick.