The New Year boom is near - get your property ready to sell!

Looking to move in the near year? November is a great time to start the preparation so you can chill out through December and the Christmas period!

The housing market is still very busy, with the number of listings slightly dropping but the number of buyers still at a high level. We're expecting the new year to start with another influx of property sales, so our advice is to get prepped nice and early to ensure you're in a position to purchase onwards straight away, rather than being lumped in with all the extra buyers in February!

Here at Avery, we're already preparing the marketing for a number of properties, ready to hit the market for the new year. Planning ahead is going to be key.

Here are our top tips to make your sale as successful, quick, and hassle-free as possible:

Choose The Right Agent

If you haven’t had your property valued, get booked in soon, before it gets too busy again. We'd always recommend getting more than 1 valuation for comparison, but choosing the right agent is really important.

What should you look out for?

  • How experienced are they in your area?

  • Have they successfully sold properties similar to yours recently? Find out how long it took them, what prices were achieved, and what the difference between their initial asking price and the sold price was, if any.

  • When it comes to the fee the agent charges, usually the most important things to keep in mind are:

  1. The amount of money the house sells for: the sold price minus the agent’s fee.

  2. How quickly the sale will happen. (In other words, going with an agent who charges slightly less commission, but achieves a lower price – may leave you with less money at the end). As we all know; cheaper doesn't mean better!

Working with an agent who provides a high level service, is easy to get hold of, works in a proactive manner, and has experience in your local area, will make your sale as stress free as possible, and will most likely get your house sold faster with the most money in your pocket at the end.

Get the price right

Yes, a high value is really tempting. But when in the busy market we're in, time is also important to a lot of us. You don't want to see your perfect home go on the market but not be in a position to proceed with an offer, so getting the price right is absolutely key.

We know all too well that sometimes an agent will value a property above it's worth in order to secure the business. We believe that honesty is key and we are always honest with our values.

Over-pricing a property will only prolong the process, and you’ll probably end up having to reduce the price further down the line anyway. A recent study Rightmove carried out found that you were twice as likely to sell your home if it sold based on the first listed asking price.

Have some documents at the ready

Your agent and solicitor may ask for a whole bunch of paperwork from you, so if you collate everything before your sale, you may help them to streamline the process and ensure things move quickly throughout the sale.

Here's some of the documents solicitors or agents will likely request from you;

  • Gas checks completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer (or Corgi-registered engineer prior to 2009)

  • FENSA or CERTAS certificates for windows

  • Planning permission for any major work carried out

  • Building regulation completion certificates and builder’s guarantee certificates for alterations or additions

  • Subsidence work guarantees/warranties

  • Damp work guarantees/warranties

  • Party wall agreements (if present)

  • If a listed building, listed building consent for interior and exterior works

  • If your home is in a conservation area, conservation area consent for works

  • Any title insurance policies you may have taken out to solve title defects

Prepping Your Home to Maximise Photo Potential

We've written our advice for this on our blog before, so here's the link to that;

Speak to an agent!

When it comes to thinking about selling, there are thousands of blog posts and bits of advice all over the internet that you could spend hours and hours reading through, and building up all types of stress, but the best thing you can do is SPEAK TO US!

Our advice is absolutely FREE of charge, there is no obligation to use us as your agent and we are always happy to help. We are an independent family run business with customer service at our #1 priority!

Call 01934 614893 or email to get in touch with one of the team. Otherwise, if you want to speak to me directly, pop into the office Monday-Friday or email and I'll be happy to help wherever I can!