Pollen & Dust

If you’re like me and enjoy being outside more than in, but suffer the misery of dust and pollen attack, then I totally sympathise with you, its rotten isn’t it. So much so that it has prompted me to share a few tips I have collected over the years, many of which may not cure it, but if you keep them up and make them part of your routine, certainly will help.

Obviously, I am in no way qualified to provide medical tips to you, this is simply a few household bits and pieces we do within our house to try and eliminate pollen or dust building up to help relieve my sneezing & sniffing which drives my family members round the bend!

I have learnt that if you firstly prevent outside dust coming in to your home from outside, then you're winning half the battle. So, here are my top ten tips;

  1. I was sceptical whether it would help, but I invested in an air purifier which catches dust, as well as reducing the level of pollen and any other stuff I don’t even know i'm allergic to.

  2. I vacuum regularly to include our settees, chairs, curtains and mattresses.

  3. Carpet-less flooring is a great help, although not always practical for every home and for me, definitely not as cosy as a luxury carpet, so I must admit perhaps we should have more hard flooring than we currently have, which would certainly help us more.

  4. The hard flooring we do have, we regularly mop it with nice warm soapy water and dry it off after which makes it look like new too! (and scores me brownie points to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards! )

  5. Cleaning Products; Always read the label is my advice, as you may be allergic to the airborne particles they create, I opt for organic whenever possible or just stick to good old fashioned hot soapy water whenever and wherever possible and especially rather than ‘dusting’ which just scatters everything about.

  6. Decluttering; My favourite past time, I cant stand clutter and it’s a breeding ground for the collection of dust and pollen to sit upon.

  7. Doors and windows: I never open them at night, as much as I would like to, I wouldn’t sleep a wink as the pollen travels in through the window.

  8. Taking your shoes off before walking through the house, has always been a routine for me for as long as I can remember, (thanks Mum) and it actually it is a benefit too, stopping any dust or pollen being carried through the house and squashing it into the carpets or rugs.

  9. Floor Mats outside or inside doorways are great, they absorb dust and pollen outside and then inside too for those in your household that nip in without taking off shoes!

  10. Last but not least I keep a regular supply of tissues to catch the sniffs and sneezes, no one wants to have to listen to a sniffing sneezer do they!